GB/STV01 Networking Event (SN-20201212-1)

Created on Saturday 12 December at 08:57 UTC
Resolved on Saturday 12 December at 14:39 UTC.

Issue Summary

We are currently investigating a networking event with a device in GB/STV01 (SC-1 Stevenage).

This has impacted some services briefly hosted in GB/STV01.

We will provide updates for this shortly.

Need Help?

If you believe that your services have been affected by this incident, please raise a support ticket online at

If the matter is urgent you may also contact the Vorboss Network Operations team on per the knowledge base page KB15052001

Issue Updates

Please note that these updates are in reverse order (most recent updates first).

Saturday 12 December at 14:39 UTC

The backhaul provider has confirmed that their works are now concluded and this incident is now fully resolved.

Please contact Vorboss directly to request a copy of the incident report by either raising a case on the support portal, or emailing your request through to

Saturday 12 December at 11:40 UTC

Our team have observed both backhaul links recover and all services in GB/STV01 restored, however we have not yet had the all clear from the engineers, so there may be a possibility of further disruption.

We will provide a further update once we've had confirmation from the engineers.

Saturday 12 December at 10:19 UTC

Speaking with the backhaul provider engineers on the ground, we believe this to be resolved within the next 2 hours.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available and will provide a full write-up in an Incident Report once this is resolved.

Saturday 12 December at 10:04 UTC

We are still in communications with the backhaul fibre providers and do not currently have an estimated time of resolution.

We will continue to provide updates as this incident progresses.

Saturday 12 December at 09:24 UTC

We have reached our core networking devices in GB/STV01 through out of band links and can see that all devices are functioning correctly.

This issue is caused by multiple backhaul link failures. We are currently in communications with the provider of these links for a resolution.

Saturday 12 December at 09:04 UTC

We are seeing continued impact to services hosted in GB/STV01.

Our engineers are currently investigating and we will provide further updates shortly.