GB/LON07 to BE/BRU01 Fibre Fault (SN-20200827-1)

Created on Thursday 27 August at 09:14 UTC
Resolved on Saturday 29 August at 16:41 UTC.

Issue Summary

There is currently a fault with a fibre link between GB/LON07 (Interxion LON1 London) and BE/BRU01 (Interxion BRU1 Belgium).

Traffic has been automatically re-routed using alternate paths and there has been no interruption to service.

Customers should be aware that these sites are operating with reduced resiliency only. There is no service level impact. We will update this notice once the route is brought back into service.

Need Help?

If you believe that your services have been affected by this incident, please raise a support ticket online at

If the matter is urgent you may also contact the Vorboss Network Operations team on per the knowledge base page KB15052001

Issue Updates

Please note that these updates are in reverse order (most recent updates first).

Saturday 29 August at 16:41 UTC

The fibre fault on this link has been resolved, and all services restored to full resiliency.