GB/LON06 Routing Instability (SN-20200401-1)

Created on Wednesday 1 April at 11:28 UTC
Resolved on Thursday 14 May at 15:34 UTC.

Issue Summary

Please be aware that we are currently investigating connectivity issues in GB/LON06 (Volta) affecting some clients with L3 routing services in this site. 

We are investigating this now and will provide updates on this notification shortly.

Need Help?

If you believe that your services have been affected by this incident, please raise a support ticket online at

If the matter is urgent you may also contact the Vorboss Network Operations team on per the knowledge base page KB15052001

Issue Updates

Please note that these updates are in reverse order (most recent updates first).

Wednesday 8 April at 08:20 UTC

We have observed stability since this issue occurred. 

Please contact Vorboss directly through the Support Portal for any further queries.

Wednesday 1 April at 12:35 UTC

Please be aware that affected services should now be up and stable.

We are not expecting any further disruption from this point, but we will be monitoring the situation closely for a stability period.

We will provide a write-up on this incident here, before it is closed.


Wednesday 1 April at 11:12 UTC

Please be aware that we are still working on this issue. We currently have engineers on-site at GB/LON06 (Volta).

Further updates will follow shortly.